Update 5/28 – Trending Stronger

IMG_2557Dear praying friends and family,

Thank you for helping us with your prayers!

A friend from school told me her church prays for me every morning, and last week I met a handful of people who said, “You don’t know me, but I feel like I know you. I pray for you every night.” I am so encouraged when you remind me, “We’re praying for you!”

Here’s the Latest:

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“But God…”

Dear Friends and Family,

Often, I want to shout to the world: God healed me!

But as for me, I will always have hope;   I will praise You more and more. Ps 71:14

Always, I want to tell the stories of God’s faithfulness, stories revealing who He is, “But God…” stories.

My mouth will tell of Your righteousness, of Your salvation all day long, though I know not its measure. Ps 71:15

Recently, a student said, “Mrs. Michel, you could make a million dollars if you published all your stories!” (I love love love teaching!!)

I will come and proclaim Your mighty acts, O Sovereign Lord; I will proclaim Your righteousness, Yours alone. Ps 71:16

On Mother’s Day  (thanks to the production team at Harvest Naperville!), everyone in my church heard one of my “But God” stories through this video. After the service, my pastor messaged me about the buzz in the lobby: You’ll love thisone guy said he was going to tattoo “But God” on his back! 

Since my youth, O God, You have taught me,  and to this day I declare Your marvelous deeds. Ps 71: 17

Today, I get to post this one story for the whole world to hear!

Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare Your power to the next generation, Your might to all who are to come. Ps 71:18

Thanking God for you! And praying we know God as Bigger– more and more. (And asking Him to tattoo “But God” on all our hearts!)

Love, Becky (His.Princess.Warrior.)

(Who, by faith, is standing in grace and hoping in the glory of God!)






Facing the Facts (Part 1) – A Year of Drought


Dear praying friends and family,

Do you know I’m blogging for three reasons: Prayer. Declare. Share.? Have you checked out the “About” page? Because…

As my final chemo treatment approaches (Tuesday), I’m super reflective and need to write about all three, so I’m posting in four parts: 1. A Year of Drought  2. Forever Side Effects  3. Girlhood Dreams  4. Lifelong Prognosis. Unless…

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Good Medicine

Dear Friends,

I love to laugh!

A student once confessed he could hear me and my students laughing from his Latin class next door. When he went home, he told his mom, “I want to be in the laughing class.” I like that!

A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing… – Proverbs 17:22 (Amplified Bible)

Cancer Humor

My first laugh-out-loud incident since this diagnosis was something a radiologist said after he biopsied my breast.

I laid there fairly traumatized – it’s not painful, but emotionally (and physically!) I’m exposed –  and fairly certain of an impending 2nd cancer diagnosis.

Although teary and spent, I realized this man’s expertise is a gift to me, and full of genuine gratitude I say, “Thank you. Really. Thank you for helping me.” And he responds,

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Update 2/14 – For Better or Worse

scanned-photo114.jpgDear praying family and friends,

You’re tenderly asking, “How are you feeling?” As promised, here’s my Update – but it’s not coming from steroid induced “Power Princess” as I had anticipated in my previous post.

  • Becky’s Fairy Tale World:  “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo,” magic wands, and dancing the night away with Productivity.
  • Becky’s Fractured Fairy Tale: The “Super Ball” felt more like a mosh pit!

Here’s the Latest:

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Update 2/8 – Super Bowl. Super Ball. Super Bawl.


“You’d look like a pirate if you added an eyepatch!” ~Tim

Dear praying friends and family,

Thank you for helping us with your prayers (and tender words, yummy meals, and thoughtful gifts)! 

Here’s the latest:

Super Bowl last night. Super Ball tonight. Super Bawl yesterday. I’m postponing my standard update so I can share my Super Ball (and Bawl!) with you, instead. For those asking, “How are you feeling?” I plan to post again on or before Sunday, Tim and my 29th anniversary (Yes! We really married on Valentine’s Day). And there’s a good chance I’ll have energy to write because…

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