Good Medicine

Dear Friends,

I love to laugh!

A student once confessed he could hear me and my students laughing from his Latin class next door. When he went home, he told his mom, “I want to be in the laughing class.” I like that!

A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing… – Proverbs 17:22 (Amplified Bible)

Cancer Humor

My first laugh-out-loud incident since this diagnosis was something a radiologist said after he biopsied my breast.

I laid there fairly traumatized – it’s not painful, but emotionally (and physically!) I’m exposed –  and fairly certain of an impending 2nd cancer diagnosis.

Although teary and spent, I realized this man’s expertise is a gift to me, and full of genuine gratitude I say, “Thank you. Really. Thank you for helping me.” And he responds,

“My pleasure.”

MY PLEASURE??!! Are you kidding me? His pleasure? To biopsy my breast? Tears turned to laughter. Where am I ? Chick-fil-A? Too funny!

Chase Away Cancer

The Chase Challenge, a Giggling Oncologist, and a Pile of Tissues

Chase, off for tests, making it fun!

“Do YOU go see YOUR doctors this way, Becky? wink emoticon xoxo” Ellie Ewoldt

Chase’s playful gusto inspires courage!

Hoping for a thumbs up from Chase, I dressed as a pirate for my 3rd chemo. ARRGH! What fun! My oncologist giggled, “I have to take a selfie.”

Ooooooo! She looks GREAT!” – Chase, 6 year old miracle, who you may have recently seen on a St. Baldrick billboard near you!

Shiver me timber!

Undone! Growing pile of tissues beside me as I see myself through 7-year-old Ellie eyes.

My 30-year history with Ellie is featured this week on her blog, Chase Away Cancer. Enjoy the story and the joy bubbles as you hear Ellie’s voice, her heart. Plus, she’s the kind of writer people ask to publish books. Yep! Coming with the warmth and beauty of late spring.

“Cold spray. Deep breath. Big stick.”

And it’s all Yo-Ho-Ho until Chemo Nurse Karen gently reminds, “Cold spray. Deep breath. Big stick,” and the chemo drips.

Three of four, done. Please ask God to destroy every cancer cell. Heave Ho!

Thank you, Mateys!

Love, Becky (His.Princess.Warrior.)

(Who, by faith, is trusting God to use all things for good! Because He says so. Romans 8:28)