When It’s NOT Cancer – but Toxic Nonetheless: Living “By Faith”


Feeling “Dearly Loved!” I passionately declared “But God is BIGGER!” in the Stories of Lasting Change video Harvest produced last spring. Four minutes worth seeing! Inspiring (and you’ll want a “But God” tattoo!) May my life show this truth – more and more! 

Dear Family and Friends,

When a cancer survivor experiences stomach pain daily for nearly a month, her oncologist orders a CT to “make sure we didn’t miss anything.”

But if that cancer survivor has recently watched the entire Sherlock series for the first time, she might dig for a less obvious (and more benign!) explanation for her pain.

Tim is calling me “Sherlock,” and I like it! (You may recall: Sherlock is actually a girl’s name.)

After some investigation and experimentation, I have been pain free for a week. And I think I’ve discovered the source.

Super gross BUT not cancer! (Remember the hickeys and spider bites after breastcancer#1?)

I was eating rancid pepitas. I ate them daily in my oatmeal! Toxic, but not cancer!

Since I stopped poisoning myself, no pain.

Some days (some entire seasons!) I’ve experienced daily spiritual stomach aches. Do you know the feeling? Sometimes it’s a dull ache and at other times, stabbing pain: “What’s wrong with me?”

UGH! Like eating rancid pepitas, I’ve ingested spiritual toxins, masked by yummy organic blueberries and maple syrup.

We can run to the cancer doctor, search for causes outside our control, and self-medicate to relieve symptoms, but it’s not until we recognize the rancid pepitas for what they really are and stop eating them, will we be free from their toxic pain.

The tummy ache is a gift – an invitation to discover the sin poison and stop eating it!

Sin steals, kills, and destroys, regardless of all the “good stuff” we mix it with.

Will you join me – By Faith – taking a good whiff of our lives, seeing if anything smells “iffy” in our spirits? Let’s search our life “pantries” for common toxic culprits: Bitterness, Unconfessed Sin, Unbelief, and Self. (Upcoming Blog posts – I have some experience!)

Don’t be afraid! Sin loves to stay hidden in the darkness, where toxins multiply. Let’s bring it into the light and see sin as it really is and the pain it’s causing! No more spiritual tummy aches!

Here’s the By Faith part: Let’s take a leap and believe what God says about our sin rather than what we’re tempted to think or feel. The truth:

Seeing my sin is not shaming, but life-saving!

God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it, but to save it. Jn 3:17

Seeing my sin is not giving up fun and freedom, but life-giving!

The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]. Jn 10:10

Uncovering toxic sin is just the beginning. We need to stop eating it! Although that might feel impossible, Jesus makes it possible!

You have no obligation whatsoever to do what your sinful nature urges you to do. Ro 8:12

Jesus, we come by faith, asking you to give us eyes to see our sin for what it really is and to recognize the pain it’s causing. Thank you for spiritual tummy aches that wake us up to the truth. You are kind and your kindness leads us to repentance. Your Spirit leads us into truth, and the truth sets us free. We are dearly loved and you give abundant life! Amen.

Spiritual stomach ache? Let’s search our lives for toxic sin and stop eating it. We’ll start with Bitterness.

Elementary, my Dear Watson!

Love, Becky

(Who, By Faith, is exalting Him, rehearsing “But God is BIGGER” – more and more.)